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So who are we?
Founded in 1994, NMI Electronics began as an electronic engineering specialized in the design and development of hardware, software and firmware made-to-measure. After these years of experience, we are proud to have consolidated ourselves on the market as a great choice to carry out projects in the technological area. To obtain it, we use excellent technology, innovating, providing efficiency and added value to our clients.

Mission: In NMI Electronics we aim to develop electronic engineering projects with the duty to provide innovative solutions and creating value, customer-oriented, based on mutual trust and lasting with customers, staff and suppliers.

Vision: We aim to be regarded by our customers as a preferred partner in regard to the technical needs of its business.

Values: Commitment to quality, Innovation, Independence.

Methodology, the most determining factor of success

• Involvement in projects
• Innovation and technological excellence
• Multidisciplinary team
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