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NMI Electronics can develop customized electronic components, equipment, and systems for you. The design phase already sets the switches for quality, market success, and economic viability.

Your benefits
• Shorter development times for new products.
• Quickly and cost optimization of existing design.
• Savings in personnel costs, operating and investment.
• Greater flexibility through tailored services.

Technology and Method, the greatest factor of success

Philosophy From the planning stage of your product idea, our specialists will support competent and reliable. Starting with the definitions of the system, analysis of tasks and problems, and through feasibility studies and requirements (EMC, UL, CE). We help in creating specifications and, if you wish, we assume total project planning.
Hardware development The selection of components is constructed according to the document design and layout of circuits.It coordinates the production processes and testing and, if necessary, the practical testing of critical components.

With the finalization of PCB layout, prototypes are manufactured.
As part of development work, these components are tested for performance and robustness.

We offer extensive experience in technology controller, processor, communication, control and power electronics.
Software and Firmware development At present there is virtually no module, equipment or electronic system that can function without software or firmware.

We are experienced programmers and we master the methods and standard programming languages, ensuring that its products are developed with the latest technology and reliable.

  We can provide you with
  • Applications for embedded systems.
  • Software for communication.
  • Software for control, visualization and parameterization.
Prototype and Certification The components are manufactured, are verified and are tested in conditions similar to those of mass production.

The tests allow to check the product complies with the requirements regarding the design for manufacturing. All functions are tested, as well as electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) if you require it.

  Our services
  • Supply circuit board.
  • Supply of components.
  • Fast service manufacturing of components (5 days service, including printed circuit board).
  • Test to specification.
  • Optimization of design for manufacturing.
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