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Aesthetics | Electromedicine: Full electronic development for machine aesthetic, hardware, software, firmware and user interface,...

Industrial: Full electronic development for revenue and collection, hardware, software, firmware, user interface systems, ...

Industrial: Windows Embedded Standard y Windows Compact/CE image, hardware platform, development of drivers.

Home Automation: Design and full electronic development, hardware, software, and firmware.

Electro-aesthetic medicine: Design and development of hardware and software, industrialization and electronic production equipment for facial and body treatment.

The electronic system is based on an ARM9 processor with WinCE 6.0 R3 and uses a TFT display of SVGA resolution and LED lighting, with touch screen that allows easy access to many functions.

Control and remote management platform: Advice, design, support and training for the development of a Single Board Computer with processor ARM9 and WinCE 6.0 R3. The works include:

  •  BSP Porting (Board Support Packages).
  •  Development of drivers.
  •  Supply the technological structure for software development (Framework).
  •  Impemetation
  •  Training and support for the development of the application.

Solar Tracker: Design and development hardware and software of solar tracking system for collectors cylinder-parabolic (CCP) which are used in thermal power plants of solar concentration.

The system architecture is multi-processor, made up of a platform x 86 with Windows Embedded and a micro-controller with low level firmware. It implements a redundant security system.

System can mount a TFT touch user interface and features of TCP (Ethernet/WiFi), USB, RS232 and RS485 communications.

Automatic articulated stretcher: Specification, design and development of the electronic system for stretcher automatic multi-purpose articulated three bodies and a lift for facial and body treatment system.

Incorporate a GUI TFT color touch screen with VGA resolution, which allows easy and intuitive way to interact with all the functionality of the equipment.

It has Ethernet/WiFi connection to connect to the server from the system and play DVD-quality video.

Platform for remote management and environmental control systems: NMI Electronics supplies Control Engine plate ce.iMX27 with WinCE 6.0 R3, the structure of development of software (Framework), the project based on initial application, along with the training and support necessary to give the customer a platform complete, robust and reliable with which to quickly develop their products at the lowest cost.

The platform includes a TFT display color touch screen with 480 x 272 resolution and points LED lighting that allows access to multiple functions in dimensions of a handheld device.

Windows Embedded: The Department of research and development of the company GRIFOLS Engineering NMI Electronics committed study of requirements, analysis of needs and construction tailored to the image of the operating system Windows XPe for your equipment from the hospital and pharmaceutical sectors.

Domotic home control: Design and development of hardware and software user interface LCD touch for remote control system and safety of the housing.

Aesthetic electromedical equipment: Specification, development of the control board and the application software team for firming facial and body treatments.
The user interface consists of a monochrome LCD display (white/blue) of 240 x 128 points of resolution with touch screen which makes it very comfortable to the experience of the user at a reduced cost.

Coin-operated machines: Design and development of hardware and software for coin-operated game machines. Engineering works include certification, CE marking, field tests and later review.

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